Mindful movement that connects physical, mental and emotional Health.

“My mission over the last twenty years has been to offer accessible mindful movement classes to the over 50 age group.

I’ve taught Hatha yoga since 2000 but have been practicing it since 1980 and found it beneficial as a teenager.

In 2016 I started training to be a Qigong (chi Kung) teacher and am really enjoying teaching and sharing this amazing practice.

I feel strongly that we have to keep moving as we mature. Our brains can learn new habits that enhance our lives. I incorporate balances as well as mobilising and strengthening aspects in the classes.

The focus on breathing linked to movement is powerful. It connects physical, mental and emotional health.”

Karen Stone

About Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice spanning more than a few thousand years. There are hundreds
of schools and varied ways of teaching. It’s a personal journey. Your practice can be a way to
move inwards where you observe all the layers of your body, mind and emotions. Give up
focusing on achieving perfection in your daily practice and let go of performing a posture perfectly,
let go of aiming to touch your toes. There’s no such thing as not being able to ‘do yoga’.

I’d Love to Help You Feel Alive


This practice is ancient and links into the knowledge that there are channels in us through which an energy flows to keep us balanced, healthy and alive.

This links to the treatments and theory
behind acupuncture, shiatsu and oriental medicine. Qigong is the healing root of Tai Chi and its foundation is standing and observing then using flowing movement to release toxic trapped or stagnant energy.

We can then refresh our energy levels. The Yin/Yang theory and organ systems
are an integral part of Qigong. The elements are water, metal, fire, wood, earth and air underpins everything.

The organ pairings in Qigong are kidneys/bladder (water), lungs/large intestines (metal)
Heart/small intestines (fire), liver/gallbladder (wood) and spleen/stomach (earth).

In simple terms the channels or meridians all interconnect and are linked to the organs. Different flowing movements ‘tug’ on or connect us to the various pairings of organs. Breathing techniques, meditation and healthy food choices also top up the energy we’re born with.

Join our Yogaqiflow Video course.

The lessons are layered, moving through anatomical preparations and the yogic philosophy of earth, water, fire, air and either or space.
Your practice will change your physical body and internal fascia, your connective tissue. You might find that some days your mind stills. The breathing techniques and ‘legs up the wall’ are simple but very effective ways to release stored trauma and anything you’ve been holding onto. It’s challenging to deeply relax but if you want a ‘goal’ make it that and enjoy the practise.

Contents of the 10 lesson plan course.

  • Classes start with gentle flowing standing Qigong to warm up and release your spine and joints
  • Circling movements release tension from ankles, wrists, hips and shoulders.
  • Movements done lying on your back will engage the pelvic floor, back and abdominal muscles.
  • Backbends whilst lying on your belly will tone kidneys and strengthen your back to release pain.
  • Gentle squats will benefit your Psoas muscle for a healthy lumbar lower back.
  • Standing Yoga postures will strengthen your limbs, buttocks and tone the whole body.
  • Forward bends using a chair will improve flexibility and lengthen hamstrings.
  • Twists on your back, standing or on a chair tone spinal nerves, massaging digestive system.
  • Qigong will improve energy flow to all your internal organs and improve coordination.
  • Standing one leg balances improve stability, confidence and balance to prevent falls.
  • Yoga breathing techniques lower anxiety, improve sleep, digestion and improve Vagal tone.
  • Guided relaxations with breathwork stimulate parasympathetic nervous system for good health.

Edwina Hazel

I’ve been attending Karen’s classes for three years. I find her friendly and relaxing.  Most importantly, the classes are keeping me mobile as I have chronic health problems.

Brenda King

I originally joined Karen’s classes because I have arthritis and need to move more. I also have a heart condition which makes me breathless. I enjoy Karen’s classes and her relaxed manner.

Lynn Perry

Karen’s classes are a relaxing flowing form of meditation which I love. They have helped improve my balance, concentration and co-ordination. Karen is enthusiastic, encouraging, calm and Knowledgeable.



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