Early Bird Offer Special Offer Yoga QiFlow Course

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The lessons are layered, moving through anatomical preparations and the yogic philosophy of earth, water, fire, air and either or space.
Your practice will change your physical body and internal fascia, your connective tissue. You might find that some days your mind stills. The breathing techniques and ‘legs up the wall’ are simple but very effective ways to release stored trauma and anything you’ve been holding onto. It’s challenging to deeply relax but if you want a ‘goal’ make it that and enjoy the practise.

Contents of the 10 lesson plan course.

  • Classes start with gentle flowing standing Qigong to warm up and release your spine and joints
  • Circling movements release tension from ankles, wrists, hips and shoulders.
  • Movements done lying on your back will engage the pelvic floor, back and abdominal muscles.
  • Backbends whilst lying on your belly will tone kidneys and strengthen your back to release pain.
  • Gentle squats will benefit your Psoas muscle for a healthy lumbar lower back.
  • Standing Yoga postures will strengthen your limbs, buttocks and tone the whole body.
  • Forward bends using a chair will improve flexibility and lengthen hamstrings.
  • Twists on your back, standing or on a chair tone spinal nerves, massaging digestive system.
  • Qigong will improve energy flow to all your internal organs and improve coordination.
  • Standing one leg balances improve stability, confidence and balance to prevent falls.
  • Yoga breathing techniques lower anxiety, improve sleep, digestion and improve Vagal tone.
  • Guided relaxations with breathwork stimulate parasympathetic nervous system for good health.
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