Introducing Yoga Qiflow


Yoga is an ancient practice spanning more than a few thousand years. There are hundreds of schools and varied ways of teaching. It’s a personal journey.

Your practice can be a way to move inwards where you observe all the layers of your body, mind and emotions. Give up focusing on achieving perfection in your daily practice and let go of performing a posture perfectly, let go of aiming to touch your toes. There’s no such thing as not being able to ‘do yoga’.

If you stay within the innate guidance inside of you, you’ll be moving towards what yoga is really all about. A lot of our time is spent trying to avoid, run away from and get rid of pain. Yoga gives you a chance to ‘sit’ with pain whether it’s physical or emotional and to notice if it dissolves.

This course is a blend and I’ve avoided seated and cross legged postures, instead using a chair as a useful prop.
The lessons are layered, moving through anatomical preparations and the yogic philosophy of earth, water, fire, air and ether or space.

Your practice will change your physical body and internal fascia, your connective tissue. You might find that some days your mind stills.
The breathing techniques and ‘legs up the wall’ are simple but very effective ways to release stored trauma and anything you’ve been holding onto.

It’s challenging to deeply relax but if you want a ‘goal’ make it that and enjoy the practise.

Yoga QIflow

Full Course Breakdown

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Lesson 1
  • Introduction to belly breathing for health.
  • Warm your hip circles.
  • Spinal twisting from standing to release back and neck.
  • Hold the sky.
  • Introduction to squat for your psoas muscle and lower back.
  • Ankle and wrist rotator.
  • Floor spinal twist.
  • Introduction to bridge on your back.
  • Core belly back strengthener alternative legs.
  • Dolphin on elbows for strong buttocks.
  • Cat/cow spine flow.
  • Introduction to Down Dog.
  • Infinity arm flow to release shoulders.
  • ANGLE LUNGE yoga pose for lower back.
  • Standing back bend to strengthen back muscles.
  • Ease neck tension.
  • Bird BALANCE on one leg.
  • Introduction to balloon breath with one second retention.
  • Heel and toes movement link to breath.
  • Guided relaxation
Lesson 2
  • Arm swing to release shoulders.
  • Warm your hips circles.
  • Spinal twist standing to swivel on heel for balance.
  • Warm your wrists.
  • Palms connect to fingertip dive.
  • Squat with shoulder warmer.
  • Core strengthener on back with opposite arm/leg to firm the knee.
  • Lie belly one leg bent to release buttock tension.
  • Introduction to Cobra backbend.
  • Half locust backbend alternate legs.
  • Sphinx passive backbend to release back pain.
  • Cat/cow spine flow.
  • Hands and knees for core and buttocks.
  • Down dog.
  • Split legs hamstring lengthener using chair.
  • WARRIOR 1 standing back bend yoga pose with cactus arms.
  • Belly balloon breathing from standing.
  • Heart warmer.
  • Introduction to yoga tree pose BALANCE.
  • Thumb to fingers focus flow with inhale 4 and exhale 4 seconds.
  • Guided relaxation
Lesson 3
  • Strengthen legs with alternate leg flow.
  • Warm your hips circles.
  • Open your chest and lungs.
  • Open your shoulders.
  • Warm your wrists.
  • Squat for psoas with shoulder variation.
  • Bridge yoga pose on your back for strong buttocks.
  • Sphinx belly backbend to reduce back pain.
  • Cobra backbend flow.
  • Cat/cow.
  • Down dog.
  • Opposite arm/leg balance.
  • TRIANGLE  standing yoga pose.
  • Mobilise your shoulders.
  • Warm your wrists and fingers.
  • Squat variation.
  • Marching for co-ordination and BALANCE.
  • Hip opener Thread the needle yoga pose for stiff hips and back.
  • Thumb to third finger.
  • Introduction to inhale 4, exhale 7 seconds for parasympathetic.
  • White light to crown visualisation
  • Guided relaxation
Lesson 4
  • Wrist and ankle warmer.
  • Spinal twist standing.
  • Same arm/leg BALANCE
  • Warm your hips circles.
  • EAGLE wings yoga pose to release shoulders.
  • Introduction to EAGLE legs.
  • Front thigh strengthener for knees and neck release.
  • Chest opener on chair.
  • Squat with palms facing up shoulder variation.
  • Open inner thigh muscles forward bend on chair for your back.
  • Strong belt girdle for core belly and back.
  • Cobra backbend flow.
  • Sphinx to ease back pain.
  • Lengthen your front thighs.
  • Cat/cow spine flow.
  • TIGER opposite arm/leg core builder stable lower back.
  • Down dog.
  • WARRIOR 2.
  • Heart flow.
  • Neck and eye release.
  • Tightrope walk BALANCE.
  • Legs up the wall yoga pose.
  • Breathing inhale 4, exhale 7 for parasympathetic.
Lesson 5
  • Hold your beach ball breath.
  • Hands around the hula hoop.
  • Warm your hips circles.
  • Dynamic flow.
  • Hold the sky.
  • Release your neck and shoulders.
  • HORSE for strong legs.
  • Squat for psoas palms back.
  • Elbow circles.
  • Whole body strengthener.
  • Sphinx to ease lower back with neck variation.
  • Relax on y variation.
  • Half locust yoga backbend.
  • Opposite arm/ leg locust for strong back.
  • Down dog.
  • Lengthen front thigh standing BALANCE.
  • Long hamstrings in split legs yoga pose.
  • TRIANGLE variation.
  • HEAD OF THE COW yoga pose for shoulders.
  • Introduction to closing one nostril breathing.
  • Guided relaxation.
  • Lie on your back twist feet wide to release lower back.
Lesson 6
  • Rocking your feet.
  • Warm your hips circles.
  • Spinal twist standing swivel on heel.
  • Warm your shoulders.
  • Ankle and wrist release.
  • Long hamstrings and open your arms.
  • Balloon breathing.
  • Wrist reliever.
  • Squat with hula hoop.
  • HORSE pose.
  • Marching.
  • Spinal twist.
  • Deep shoulder release.
  • Bridge yoga pose variation one leg lifting for buttocks.
  • Lie twist feet wide.
  • Cat/cow.
  • Down dog.
  • Bird one leg BALANCE.
  • Neck release.
  • Breathing fierce exhalations.
  • Legs up the wall yoga pose.
  • Thumbs to middle and ring fingertips for heart and digestion.
Lesson 7
  • Belly breathing.
  • Warm your hips circles.
  • Hold the sky.
  • Open your waist ribs shoulders.
  • Palms on the beach ball.
  • WARRIOR 1 into WARRIOR 2 flow.
  • Wide legged forward bend on chair.
  • Wrist circles.
  • Opposite hand/foot BALANCE.
  • Hold the sky 1 arm.
  • Seated chair twist.
  • Hold the sky 1 arm variation with wrist mobiliser.
  • Standing back bend.
  • Humming bee yoga breathing technique to calm mind.
  • Rock your pelvis for core.
Lesson 8
  • Ground and earth.
  • Warm your hip circles.
  • Spinal twist standing.
  • Open your chest and strengthen your arms.
  • Scoop the ball.
  • Side opener.
  • Neck release.
  • Foot rocking.
  • Ride the bike on your back for core.
  • Dynamic spinal twist flow on your back.
  • Cobra back bend turning head for vagus nerve stimulation.
  • Half Bow yoga pose backbend.
  • Sphinx to Seal back bends.
  • Relax on belly.
  • Cat pose with neck and shoulder reliever.
  • Down dog.
  • Opposite arm/leg BALANCE.
  • Long hamstrings split legs.
  • Neck roll.
  • Four square breath for health.
  • Big smile meditation.
Lesson 9
  • Palms circle.
  • Same side arm/leg BALANCE.
  • Spinal twist standing.
  • Shoulder roll.
  • Ankle/ wrist mobiliser.
  • Open shoulders to forward bend.
  • Open the chest and swim.
  • Hip circles on your back.
  • Bridge yoga pose.
  • Sphinx.
  • Locust yoga pose opposite arm/leg for whole body.
  • Cat/cow.
  • Down dog.
  • ANGLE LUNGE yoga pose.
  • Open your heart heels together.
  • Neck circles.
  • March and bounce the ball BALANCE.
  • Bellow breathing yoga technique.
  • Alternate nostril breathing yoga technique.
  • Thumbs to ring and little finger tip for healing and energy.
  • Spinal twist on chair with wide legged forward bend.
  • Guided visualisation with sphere of light.
Lesson 10
  • Balloon breathing standing.
  • Open your shoulders.
  • Ankle/wrist mobiliser.
  • Shoulder release.
  • Squat for psoas.
  • HORSE palms connected.
  • Cobra back bend.
  • Sphinx with soles of feet together knees wide.
  • Locust backbend with wrist clasp to open chest.
  • Half bow with bent legs.
  • Cat variation with 1 leg out to side.
  • Shoulder circles.
  • TIGER.
  • Four square breath.
  • Thumb to index and ring finger for digestion.
  • Legs up the wall yoga pose.
  • Counting 1 to 10 exhalations concentration technique.

Lindsay Collins

“Karen has been our teacher for about ten years or more. She’s brilliant!

Very knowledgeable, professional, kind and caring. A very trustworthy tutor.”

Nikola Mace

“I have been taught by Karen for around four years now.  I love her classes.

She really knows her stuff and classes are always well designed/thought through. 

Plus her voice makes for pleasant listening.”

Carole Jackson

“Karen’s classes are wonderful whether you are an absolute beginner or longstanding yogi.

She guides you gently through all the movements with clear explanations of the energy pathways that are being stimulated.

Karen’s classes are fun and refreshing.

Highly recommended!”

Sandra Mawson

“I have attended Karen’s classes for a number of years.  She’s a fantastic teacher with a warm, kind manner. 

I always leave class feeling relaxed and more flexible.

Her Zoom classes help me so much.”

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